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Fruitwall 590 Alu White (UK)

129,00€ tax incl.



FRUITWALL is an innovative system for storing fruits and vegetables, consisting of shelving that appear suspended in the air; they are easy to attach to the wall. They include fixed bolts with six light hanging trays. The result? More than 3.5 meters of shelving, ideal for keeping food at room temperature while occupying the least amount of space.

FRUITWALL has many useful advantages:

  1. It prolongs the shelf life of every piece of fruit and vegetable, allowing it to be arranged individually in its own space.
  2. It allows you to easily observe ripening and organize your fruit in preferred order of consumption.
  3. It saves loads of horizontal space..
  4. It allows you to bring fruit right within kids reach, giving them its best flavor at room temperature.
  5. It allows you to visualize your shopping list and inspires favorite recipes at a glance.


  • Length: 590 mm / 23 5/32″
  • Height: 830 mm / 32 9/16″
  • Width: 83 mm / 3 5/16″

What is Included?

  • FRUITWALL is delivered in a conveniently-sized package, which includes all the necessary elements for assembly:
  • 1 steel bolt for attaching the product to the wall.
  • 1 frontal cover that covers the support.
  • 4 steel cables with ends included.
  • 6 aluminum trays covered with paint suitable for contact with food.
  • 3 screws of the appropriate size for the bolt supports.

How is it installed?

In less than 5 minutes! Following these easy steps you’ll have it on your wall in no time. Click here