Modern kitchen fruit bowls full of advantages!

Fruteros de diseño FRUITWALL para ahorrar espacio en la cocina
Fruteros de pared con los que ganas espacio

1. Hanging fruit bowls that save you space.

With this hanging fruit bowl you’ll have more than 3.5m of shelving, which is enough for 36 oranges. You’ll free up lots of space for your refrigerator and your counter. Plus it’s so easy to install, you only need 3 screws.

Fruteros originales que ayudan a ordenar la cocina

2. Original fruit bowls that help to organize your kitchen.

It makes organizing your fruits and vegetables easy however your prefer, from left to right for example. With this modern fruit bowl you’ll save time and money by seeing what ingredients you need or what should be eaten before spoiling.

Fruteros de diseño FRUITWALL seleccionado y expuesto en la Design Week Budapest 2015

3. Design fruit bowls with recognition…

It’s a decorative element for your kitchen that you can customize as you prefer. Its original and modern design is internationally recognized. It was selected “Best Design Home Furnishing 2013” by the prestigious NY magazine Design Milk. This uniquely designed fruit bowl has also been exhibited at Beijing Design Week and Budapest Design Week and featured on the American television program “I Want That!”

4. Your fruits and vegetables always within reach, for everyone.

Your fruits and vegetables always within reach, for everyone.


5. Old kitchen fruit bowls don’t allow fruit to breathe, but FRUITWALL does.

This unique kitchen fruit bowl prevents your fruits and vegetables from being bruised or squashed. It lets you store your produce without the pieces piling up or touching. Your fruits and vegetables breathe!


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