What are the size?
  • Length: 590 mm / 23 5/32″
  • Height: 830 mm / 32 9/16″
  • Width: 83 mm / 3 5/16″
What is Included?

FRUITWALL is delivered in a conveniently-sized package, which includes all the necessary elements for assembly.

  • 1 steel bolt for attaching the product to the wall.
  • 1 frontal cover that covers the support.
  • 4 steel cables with ends included
  • 6 aluminum trays covered with paint suitable for contact with food.
  • 3 screws of the appropriate size for the bolt supports. Please buy the adequate plugs according to the make of your wall (check at your hardware store)
Maximum Weight That Holds

12Kg. — 27 lbs.

How do I return/exchange my item?

Easy. Email your order number and request for refund/exchange to clients@griseamatter.com

Where is it manufactured?

EU, Spain.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. You can check it here: https://fruitwall.com/refund-policy

How can you opt-out, remove or modify information you have provided to us?

Easy. Please email us with your e-mail data to clients@griseamatter.com and put UNSUSCRIBE in the subject.

Where can I learn more abour your products?
Where are the web terms of Use?
Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes. You can check it here: https://www.fruitwall.com/privacy-policy

How much does it weigh?

2.7 kg

What color is it?

White RAL 9010


Aluminum and steel.