And that’s where FRUITWALL comes from

Five years ago out of necessity, Carmina had an idea:

At home we eat a lot of fruit and vegetables and fruit bowls always take up so much space that could be used for other things. Suddenly, I had the idea of a hanging fruit bowl that would let me take advantage of unoccupied space and it would also look beautiful!

Quickly I went to talk to my friend Diego and thanks to his assistance and knowledge of materials we were able to get the best result. We made exactly what I needed and it was truly fantastic!

In the beginning we made it just for personal use but over time more and more friends saw it and wanted one! That’s how we decided to get to work and present this project at Kickstarter.



Nothing pleases us more than sharing with you what has been shared about us. These are some of the sites where you can read more about FRUITWALL.

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